Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces has the right model, at the right size, to safely meet your heating needs.

  • Standard “Legacy” models efficiently burn coal or wood.
  • Each model is assigned a model number – the higher the model number, the greater the length of the firebox. The amount of BTUs delivered also increases, as the length of the firebox increases. The larger models can save the user a lot of time cutting wood, since bigger logs can be used.
  • To find out which model most effectively fits your needs, contact your local dealer for a free heating system analysis.


One of the strengths of Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces is its adaptability to different heating requirements. Here are a few of those applications:

  • Residential – Heating and domestic hot water are provided by the same heater.
  • Multi-Unit Buildings – One heater can safely and efficiently heat multiple buildings, as well as the domestic hot water for those buildings.
  • Hot Water – Heat your pool, hot tub, or spa.
  • Barns – Plenty of warm water, air, and heat to maintain valuable livestock.
  • Green Houses – Constant supply of warm air and warm water to facilitate year round growing.
  • Churches – Control utility costs on large, hard to heat structures.
  • Body Shops – Eliminates dust and reduces fire danger from paint fumes.


  • Although the heater is safely outside, it delivers thermostat controlled heat inside.
  • In addition to heat, the heater also provides domestic hot water.
  • Automatic firing of the fuel burner provides heat and domestic hot water.
  • Installs in any existing forced hot air, or hot water, and in-floor system.

Mahoning Outdoor Heaters are for outdoor use only.  

Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces’ heaters may be restricted in some states, due to state regulations, which vary by state. The Mahoning Skye Series V is an EPA Phase 2 Qualified product.