Outdoor Furnace Parts & Accessories

Outdoor furnace parts from Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces enables you to extend your outdoor furnace's capabilities and to ensure your have access to outdoor furnace replacement parts to keep your furnace working reliably for years to come. The following Outdoor Furnace Parts & Accessories are available from Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces:

  • Swimming Pool Portals
  • Water Heating Coils for Hot Tubs, Spas, Pools
  • 3 Foot Smoke Stack Extensions
  • Additional Portals for Zone Heating
  • Nurse Tanks for Large, Domestic Hot Water Demands (see chart below)
  • Heat Exchangers in Various Sizes to Fit Your Heating Needs
  • Air Handlers with Easy Floor or Ceiling Mounting (see chart below)
  • Water Heating Coils for Secondary Domestic Hot Water

 Outdoor Furnace Parts Specifications:

Air Handlers
Floor Mount 25" x 30" 25"W x 26"D x 44"H WF-24 130,000 BTUs Direct-Drive Blower
Ceiling Mount 25" x 30" 29"W x 28"D x 25"H WF-24 130,000 BTUs Direct-Drive Blower
Nurse Tank
1 Domestic Coil 11"W x 11"D x 44"H 25 gal. Water Capacity
1 Domestic Coil 1 Additional Portal 16"W x 22"D x 46"H 55 gal. Water Capacity
1 Domestic Coil 3 Additional Portals 28"W x 28"D x 44"H 110 gal. Water Capacity
Remote Domestic Coil Insulated 11"W x 11"D x 44"H 5 gal./min. Hot Water Capability (per coil)


Mahoning Outdoor Heaters are for outdoor use only.  

Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces’ heaters may be restricted in some states, due to state regulations, which vary by state. The Mahoning Skye Series V is an EPA Phase 2 Qualified product.