Outdoor Wood Furnace: Mahoning Skye Series V

Skye Series V: Outdoor Wood Furnace

Outdoor Wood FurnaceOutdoor wood furnaces are freestanding units that provide heat and hot water to one or more nearby houses or buildings. These units heat water by burning wood. The hot water is then circulated, to and from the home, through underground, insulated piping. Once inside the home, the heated water circulates through heat exchangers, radiant floor tubing, or radiators to warm the home or building. Users control the indoor temperature with a thermostat.

The benefits of an outdoor wood furnace are many, when compared to other heating appliances. These units are affordable, safe, convenient, and they use renewable energy.

Below is detailed information about Mahoning’s cutting-edge Skye Series V Outdoor Wood Furnace.


Quick Start & Maintenance Checklist




  • 100% refractory firebox; no metal to corrode or degrade.
  • No corrosion or burn through as with welded steel combustion chambers.
  • Thermal heat storage in 100% refractory firebox weighing in excess of 1000 pounds.
  • Heat retention, hours after wood is burned away.
  • Rebuild-able construction of the entire refractory assembly.
  • Modular stainless steel tank system for easy repair and maintenance.
  • Digital over temperature controls to protect combustion system from over-firing.
  • No sprayed-on insulation; all insulation is easily replaced.


  • Digital boiler display shows status of the heater at a glance, without opening the door.
  • Emergency mode outdoor lamp - improper operation flashing lamp remotely signals a problem.
  • Low water signal and boiler shutdown (unit will not operate in a low water condition).
  • Optional Remote Displays available (see below).
  • Optional Display Software available (see below).

User Convenience:

  • Computer controlled, automatic operation including automatic bypass damper and combustion controls.
  • Freeze protection and automatic heater shutdown with high water temperature.
  • Flexible operating settings for hydronic pump activation.

Remote Display: 

  • The same digital display installed on the side of the Skye Series heater can be located in any convenient remote location.
  • Monitor delivered water, combustion, chimney, and boiler cabinet temperatures.
  • Remotely view/verify the heater status and operator actions.
  • Detect abnormal conditions of low water, high water temp, etc.
  • Radio communication allows wireless location of this remote display at any convenient location: home, garage, shed, etc.


  • Low emissions and high combustion efficiency.
  • Electronically controlled proportional control for superior temperature stability.
  • Rapid response to slight changes in heat draw rates for uniform heating.
  • Computer managed “Smart Circulation” for a combination of rapid response to spikes in heat demand and high heating capacity. A standby tank is engaged when heat needs to be dissipated or with spikes in heat demand.
  • 230 gallon tanks on-board.

Display Software:

  • The optional remote display software optimizes the heater user experience on your laptop or home computer, wirelessly.
  • View the status of your heater in real-time.
  • Change settings such as water temperature and pump activation temperatures.
  • View total hours of heater use, total hours of hardware use, and temperature history graphically.
  • Create and store maintenance, use, or any other useful notes.
  • View log files of the history of operation to help improve performance.
  • Update boiler software, operational settings, manually control pumps, blower, and motors to verify proper connections.


EPA Best Burn practices:  http://www.epa.gov/burnwise/bestburn.html

Mahoning Outdoor Wood Furnaces are for outdoor use only.  

Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces’ heaters may be restricted in some states, due to state regulations, which vary by state. The Mahoning Skye Series V is an EPA Phase 2 Qualified product.