Why Buy Mahoning Outdoor Hydronic Heaters?

Mahoning Outdoor Furnaces provides quality products, with a commitment to service, and at fair and reasonable pricing. We’re experienced in manufacturing outdoor hydronic heaters and pay attention to the details in delivering the final product to our valued customers. Our outdoor hydronic heaters offer many unique advantages:


Many people suffer from allergies. With the hydronic heater outside, smoke, fuel odors, and fumes are kept outside.

Multi-Fuel Models:

The outdoor hydronic heater automatically switches between fuel sources. For example, if you are using gas to heat, you can supplement it by burning wood. When the wood burns out, the heater will switch back to gas.

Less Wood Splitting:

The firebox opening allows you to burn large logs without a lot of additional wood splitting.

Outdoor Hydronic Heater Safety Features:

  • The heater is outside.
  • Our outdoor hydronic heaters are non-pressurized.
  • The chance of carbon monoxide build-up is eliminated.
  • The chance of a gas explosion from gases and fumes is eliminated.
  • Indoor pollutants of harmful gases and fumes are eliminated.
  • Eliminates the chance of a chimney and flue fire from your furnace.
  • All dirt, dust, fuel, and fire are outside.


  • Burning wood, a total renewable resource, is less expensive than other fuels.
  • Most outdoor hydronic heater owners live in rural areas and have access to supplies of either free or low-cost wood.
  • The cost of electric, oil, propane, or gas can be very erratic. The low cost of wood remains constant.
  • The multi-fuel models burn wood, coal, and either oil, propane, gas, or waste oil. The heater switches automatically between the fuels.
  • One unit heats your home and domestic hot water.
  • One outdoor hydronic heater can actually be used to heat multiple buildings.
  • The heater hooks to any existing forced air system, hot water system, or in-floor system.


  • The water tank and firebox are made from 1/4" plate steel.
  • The exterior and smoke stacks are made of stainless steel.
  • The heater comes with a 3 year warranty and 1 year warranty on electrical components. (We do not warranty grates or door rope.)
  • The electrical connections and circulation pump are enclosed in an insulated cabinet.
  • Service technicians are local.